This bass was designed in conjunction with Alexander Titov. Alexander is a proficient bass player, one of the most iconic musicians in USSR and Russian contemporary music. Due to Alexander's occupancy in two of the bands of historical significance, like Kino and Aquarium, we had to create a versatile instrument due to quite a difference in the sonic palette he has to cover.



There's literally no single detail we missed while developing this instrument. Gorgeous materials, custom-wound pickups, exclusive to TNT-series pre-amp, unique bridge, control assembly, which makes sense, the only thing, which we were not able to create, and still meets our internal standards - Gotoh tuners.

Resonant materials

You will be able to see resonant materials anywhere you look, even down to duralumin neck plate, cavity cover, wooden pickup rings, bell bronze nut, and saddles.

Master Luthuer instrument of choice

Our luthier is a bassist, thus, it was a personal challenge for him to create an instrument, that will amaze and satisfy even the most attentive connoisseur of low-tuned instruments.

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