Valiant Guitars TNT-mini is our unique invention. TNT-mini was created to ease the traveling experience of bassists, who constantly travels, but still need an instrument that can do its job, studio, or stage. It is also a helpful and useful tool for guitarists, who are willing to widen their sonic palette and input more depth into a mix.


Big tone

TNT-mini has al the necessary controls to feel comfortable playing around. With B-system pickups, engineered based on marine electroacoustic researches, they are able to provide the required tone within smaller body and scale.

Custom-designed hardware

TNT-mini is equipped with our proprietary SWIFT-RS-Bass duralumin bridge with bell-bronze saddles, in-house made duralumin knobs with wooden pointers, duralumin neck plate and cavity cover

Universal application

TNT-mini is a fun instrument to play. While having standard E to G bass tuning, it still maintains a smaller body, slimmer, more comfortable neck. You still can play all your familiar chords and shapes in the same octave any bass player used to.

Custom Shop

Currently we are working by "PAY WHEN RECIEVE" policy. Put $10 deposit to confirm your intentions and we will start building your guitar. FULL AMOUNT HAS TO BE PAID ONLY WHEN YOU UNBOX YOUR INSTRUMENT.

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