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Features of Valiant Guitars


We are making our own hard-tail and TOM-style bridges from duralumin and bell bronze.



Our master luthier carefully select woods by established internal standards of quality, such as quarter-sawn pieces for necks, best possible grade of top woods, and obviously, properly dried.


We strive for perfection, thus we prefer to choose best possible suppliers like Bare Kuckle Pickups, Gotoh and CTS.

Custom cases

Each and every instrument comes with in-house made durable wooden custom case. It is not only about efficiency of production and flow, it is more about responsibility of providing safe shipping and comfort to our clients.

Why Valiant Guitars?

30+years of experience

People are main intellectual and inspirational power of valiant guitars. most of us, who involved are literate musicians, or passionate about guitar music in general.

Technical features

We made sure to implement such technical features as multi-laminate necks, volutes, titanium-reinforcement, locking tuners to make sure that our instruments fuse modern appointments with classic look.

Meticulousness and precision

We guarantee that every stage and operation from selecting woods to final buffing goes through quality control, with internal high standards and conciousness.


Absolutely, we will be happy implement your vision of our instrument in life. send an e-mail to to get an inquiry.

You can purchase valiant guitars instrument from such platform as


you can buy directly from our website.

In both cases payment goes through such trustble system as paypal.

Full text of our warranty you can check by clicking into "Policies" page.

We do not want to hold back creativity of any artist, while carefully evaluating our opportunities. If you feel that we can be helpful to each other, let us know by sending an e-mail to

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Based on 7 reviews
Valiant guitars
Raven Rouse
Best Guitars I’ve Ever Played

I purchased a Jupiter 2nd hand as an impulse buy in 2021. I was so impressed that I had to have my own custom. Then I had to have another! I plan on getting many more! Thank you Valiant for building the best guitars I’ve ever played!

Valiant guitars
Jeff Burdick
NAMM show winner

Thank you, Valiant Guitars, for this beautiful Jupiter art guitar. Not only is it a wonderful show piece, it also plays and sounds great! Top quality components and craftsmanship, I will be enjoying it for many years to come!!

Valiant guitars
Ron Bennett
Valiant and their Soothsayer model is the Guitar for me 100%

I communicated with Igor and later Roman about my desire to purchase their Soothsayer model. Igor and Roman were both very friendly and helpful ( which is what i have found with most people in Ukraine, Very friendly ) We decided to go with a blue stain on the rear of the body and my choice of Bare knuckle Holy Diver Pickups in Orange//Black which do not disappoint on this Afterglow finished Soothsayer. The guitar was packed very well and shipped quickly from war torn Ukraine. At first glance when opening the case, i was blown away at the finish and feel of the Soothsayer. The fit and finish is second to none. Their Duralumin made rear covers and knobs are great along with their bell brass adjustable nut. The maple fretboard inlays are perfect and look amazing. The electronics are first rate. The use of bare Knuckle pickups are just icing on the cake. The guitar fits in the case like a glove and is also of high quality. I have seen other valiant models on Youtube channels and it looks as though valiant is determined to make only the finest quality guitars you can get. The quality, fit and finish from Valiant is at a level most guitar manufacturers and builders should strive for. It's that good. I love it so much i am currently talking to Valiant about another Soothsayer build with a few tweaks. I am looking forward to talking to my new friends at Valiant about my new build and can suggest if you are looking at a Guitar from Valiant, don't hesitate, they are exceptional. You don't have to take my word for it, search Valiant guitars on Youtube, i'm not the only person who loves valiant guitars. Peace for Ukraine.....

Valiant guitars
enzo jacobsen
Valiant Smith

I won this guitar in Valiants charity raffle, and I have never played such a flawless instrument before. The guitars neck, frets, paint, and beautiful wood looks even better in person than it does in photos, and it plays even better than it looks. The bareknuckle pickups deliver unrivaled clarity, and the body resonates just right while you sit with the guitar. Valiant's service is excellent, and they even sent me a little neck cradle a year after i got the guitar (even though I paid close to nothing for it, due to me winning the raffle). This is the best instrument ive ever played, and I hope to grow my collection of Valiant guitars in the future

Valiant guitars
Ivan Glushko
Valiant Soothsayer

I’ve ordered a custom Soothsayer with a bunch of uncommon specs, such as a scalloped neck, coat of arms of Ukraine as an inlay, banana headstock, etc. And Valiant made everything perfectly. Awesome job, awesome service. Many thanks to Roman who solved one our problem. Many thanks to luthier and the whole team, who managed their work despite the fact of russian aggression.
I must say, that this guitar will take its a well-deserved place among my Gibson LPC, Fender CS, and other great world-known guitars! Glory to Ukraine and its builders!
Thank you very much.

Valiant guitars
David Marples
Valiant Soothsayer best guitar in show UK Birmingham 02/2023

I purchased this guitar at the stroke of 5pm on the final day of the guitar show in Birmingham (UK) just as the show was closing down. Having played almost every guitar available at the show, I can honestly say this was the best I put my hands on. From the smallest detail everything about this guitar is spot on. A true masterclass in precision engineering sets the Valiant guitars apart and at this price point an absolute bargain with little competition. The USA equivalents are almost twice the price! Well done Valiant and thank you so much for such a beautiful Guitar.

Valiant guitars

That guitar would be nice to add to the collection here in the US,go Ukraine! We support you