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Currently we are working by "PAY WHEN RECIEVE" policy. Put $10 deposit to confirm your intentions and we will start building your guitar. FULL AMOUNT HAS TO BE PAID ONLY WHEN YOU UNBOX YOUR INSTRUMENT.

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Our history

Features of Valiant Guitars


Valiant guitars is making their own hard-tail and tom-style bridges from duralumin and bell bronze.



Our master luthier carefully select woods by established internal standards of quality, such as quarter-sawn pieces for necks, best possible grade of top woods, and obviously, propely dried.


We strive for perfection, thus we prefer to choose best possible suppliers like bare kuckle pickups, gotoh and cts amongst others.

Custom cases

Each and every valiant guitars instrument comes with in-house made custom case. it is not only about efficiency of production and flow, it is more about responsibility of providing shiiping and experience solution to our clients.

Why Valiant Guitars?

30+years of experience

People are main intellectual and inspirational power of valiant guitars. most of us, who involved are literate musicians, or passionate about guitar music in general.

Technical features

We made sure to implement such technical features as multi-laminate necks, volutes, titanium-reinforcement, locking tuners to make sure that our instruments fuse modern appointments with classic look.

Meticulousness and precision

We guarantee that every stage and operation from selecting woods to final buffing goes through quality control, with internal high standards and conciousness.


Absolutely, we will be happy implement your vision of our instrument in life. send an e-mail to to get an inquiry.

You can purchase valiant guitars instrument from such platform as


you can buy directly from our website.

In both cases payment goes through such trustble system as paypal.

There are couple reasons for that:

1. We are small boutique shop, which cannot make hundreds of guitars monthly. We are proud of our quality and we don't want to rush things up.

2. We are in control of our stock and sales. We setup and deliver instruments from the shop directly to you and we are holding responsibility for after-sale communication.

3. We will find a way for our clients to try them personally in some shop, however we want to make sure that our precious reputation and quality remains the same.

Full text of our warranty you can check by clicking into "Policies" page.

We do not want to hold back creativity of any artist, while carefully evaluating our opportunities. If you feel that we can be helpful to each other, let us know by sending an e-mail to

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