Based on the innovation era of the 1950s in the guitar industry and the development of space-age technologies, the double-horned instrument inspired Soothsayer to advance into modern standards. It features a canopy design for the output jack location, a quarter-sawn maple neck available as a standard for all variations, as well as flexible pickup routing configuration which allows to explore wider sonic pallets.

The combination of engineering solutions, precision, meticulously crafted components, and a selective approach to woods and electrical components deliver a high-quality instrument for the needs of 21st-century guitar players at any level.



The concealed output jack location ensures the safe and secure connection of your cable, granting you the freedom to move without any worries.


Not only does it add a touch of elegance to the instrument’s appearance, but the bell-bronze adjustable nut also serves as a valuable setup tool. It enables precise action adjustments, allowing you to customize the playability according to your personal preferences.

vital components

Valiant Guitars holds a steadfast commitment to using high-quality components, which is exemplified in the Soothsayer model. This instrument boasts the inclusion of renowned components such as the Gotoh 510 series 2-point tremolo system, 510 series locking tuners, Valiant Guitars Moana pickups, custom wiring, and custom knobs. Whatever you desire, we’ve got you covered.


The Soothsayer stands out as the most customizable instrument in Valiant Guitars’ lineup. With its versatile HSH routing, we can accommodate practically any pickup configuration you desire. Moreover, you have three bridge configuration options to choose from. When it comes to custom options, our range of wood choices is extensive. If you’re interested in tailoring your Soothsayer to your exact preferences, be sure to explore our Custom Options section.



BACK:European alder
Pickguard:Acrylic pickguard thickness: 3 mm/0.118
Wood:Hard-rock maple and baked maple, titanium-reinforced, Valiant Guitars “Diamond” volute/custom
Profile:C profile
1st fret:Depth: 20,5 mm/0.807” Width: 42 mm/1.65”
12th fret:Depth: 22 mm/0.866” Width: 51.7 mm/2.035”
22nd fret:Width: 51.7 mm/2.035”
Scale length:25.5”/648 mm
Fretboard:rosewood/ maple/ custom
Radius:12” radius/304.8 mm
Frets:Nickel silver frets, extra-hard, Jumbo, width: 2.8 mm/0.110”, height: 1.65 mm/0.064”
Truss-rod:Easy-access, stainless steel truss-rod whee
Pickups:Valiant Triads Single-coil Set/ Moana Humbuckers set / custom
Controls:1 volume – CTS 500k, 1 tone – No-Load 500k, 5-way super-switch – Switchcraft
Jack:Pure Tone, canopy construction
Bridge:2-point, Gotoh 510 series
String spacing:10.8 mm/0.425”
Nut:Bell-bronze adjustable, 42mm/1.65”
Tuners:Gotoh 510 series, locking
“Trinity” maple inlays
Duralumin enhanced-grip knobs with wooden pointer
Full shielding
Duralumin cavity covers
Valiant Guitars hard-shell case included
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