Introducing the Mercury model – an exceptional blend of classic design and cutting-edge features. This guitar combines the S-style and offset body for a unique look and feel that resonates with musicians seeking distinction.


Pronounced Valiant

Featuring the signature Valiant elements like the duralumin fixed bridge with bell-bronze saddles or the Gotoh 510 2-point tremolo, along with appointments such as duralumin “fins”, knobs with wooden pointers and wiring cavity covers make it distinctively recognizable as Valiant.

Thoroughness across

The Mercury’s large pole pieces in the single-coil pickups capture enhanced string vibration, resulting in a smoother and balanced tone across all strings. This design choice speaks to musicians who seek refined, expressive sound.

Sonic exploration

Innovative setup allows you to activate all three pickups simultaneously, producing a rich and harmonically vibrant tone. With dual single-coil/parallel/series slider switches, a 3-way toggle, and a No-load tone pot, the Mercury model offers an extensive range of tonal possibilities.



BACK:European alder
Pickguard:Acrylic pickguard thickness: 3 mm/0.118″, duralumin “fins”: 3 mm/0.118″
Wood:Hard-rock mapl, titanium-reinforced
Profile:C profile
1st fret:Depth: 20,5 mm/0.807″ Width: 42 mm/1.65″
12th fret:Depth: 22 mm/0.866″ Width: 51.7 mm/2.035″
22nd fret:Width: 51.7 mm/2.035″
Scale length:25.5”/648 mm
Fretboard:rosewood/ maple/ custom
Radius:12” radius/304.8 mm
Frets:22 Nickel silver frets, extra-hard, Jumbo, width: 2.8 mm/0.110″, height: 1.65 mm/0.064″
Truss-rod:Easy-access, stainless steel truss-rod whee
Pickups:Valiant Guitars M80 Set
Controls:1 volume – CTS 500k, 1 tone – No-Load 500k, 3-way switch – Switchcraft, 2 sliders – parallel/series/single-coil for each pickup – Switchcraft
Jack:Pure Tone
Bridge:2-point Gotoh 510 tremolo / Valiant Guitars duralumin Swift-RS-bridge, quick-release, with bell-bronze saddles
String spacing:10.5 mm/0.416″
Nut:Bell-bronze adjustable, 42mm/1.65”
Tuners:Gotoh 510 series, locking
“Trinity” maple inlays
Duralumin enhanced-grip knobs with wooden pointer
Full shielding
Duralumin cavity covers
Valiant Guitars hard-shell case included

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