Valiant Guitars Mini Bass is our unique approach to tone and mobility. The Mini Bass was created to ease the traveling experience of bassists who constantly travel but still need an instrument that can perform well in the studio or on stage. It is also a helpful and useful tool for guitarists who are willing to broaden their sonic palette and add more depth to a mix. And last but not least, a feature is the possibility to carry it in a standard guitar gig bag, making it a perfect travel bass.


This little creature provides a significant amount of low-end thump while remaining in tune maintaining proper string tension and intonation. This miniature bass is tuned to standard bass tuning, so you will feel comfortable playing your familiar passages as well as explore new bass licks due to ease of reach.

Another great application of this instrument is for guitarists. With only a 27″ scale, which is not a lot for a bass, guitarists will be able to play it comfortably, adopting a new instrument and expanding their sonic variety and recording possibilities.



The Mini Bass has all the necessary controls to feel comfortable while playing. With B-system pickups engineered based on marine electroacoustic research, they are able to provide the required tone within a smaller body and scale.


The Mini Bass is equipped with our proprietary SWIFT-RS-Bass duralumin bridge with bell-bronze saddles, in-house-made duralumin knobs with wooden pointers, duralumin neck plate, and cavity cover.


Wood:Hard-rock maple, quarter-sawn, titanium-reinforced
Profile:C profile
At nut:Depth: 21 mm/0.82″ Width: 38 mm/1.49″
12th fret:Depth: 23.5 mm/0.92″ Width: 50 mm/1.96″
At last fret:Width: 54 mm/2.12″
Scale length:27″/685.8 mm
Radius:12″ radius/305 mm
Frets:22 Nickel silver frets, extra-hard, Jumbo, width: 2.8 mm/0.110″, height: 1.65 mm/0.064″
Truss-rod:Easy-access, stainless steel truss-rod wheel
Neck Pickup:Valiant Guitars B-system single-coil
Bridge Pickup:Valiant Guitars B-system single-coil
Controls:2 volumes, 1 tone
Jack:Pure Tone
Bridge:Valiant Guitars duralumin Swift-RS-bass, quick-release, with bell-bronze saddles
Tuners:Valiant Guitars proprietary
“Trinity” maple inlays
Duralumin enhanced-grip knobs with wooden pointer
Full shielding
Duralumin cavity covers
Valiant Guitars hard-shell case included

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