Our single-cut guitar, the ‘Smith,’ pays homage to the timeless designs of Ted McCarty and Paul Reed Smith, with a dash of Valiant sprinkled on top. We meticulously carved out ergonomic contours for unparalleled comfort. Retaining the original 24.75” scale and a 12” radius ebony fingerboard, we took it to the next level with our features.

In Performance

The neck boasts a laminated design, complemented by a volute, ensuring rock-solid stability and rigidity. Our SWIFT-RS-TOM bridge and stop-tail assembly, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and bell bronze saddles, deliver exceptional string-to-body transfer, while also preserving your precious string coating.

We understand that technical specifications of a single-cut guitar have been examined numerous times. But what’s the outcome?

The outcome is nothing short of a warrior draped in radiant armor. The ‘Smith’ becomes your instrument to pour your heart and soul into, sharing your blood, sweat, and tears, projecting emotions to resonate with all who listen.



Yes, we are putting the neck as a separate feature. Since the neck is the first contact point and one of the most important parts to tweak to your liking, we tried to enhance this experience as much as possible. We started with laminate necks due to enhanced rigidity, consisting of at least five pieces. On top of that, we reinforced it with steel rods to ensure maximum stability without going radical on materials. Our volute serves not only as the reinforcement of the 14-degree angled headstock but also as a decorative element, continuing the most stable geometric figure – the triangle.


Comfort carves are not considered traditional elements. There’s a hint of chunkiness, which goes away when comfort carves are introduced. In our humble opinion, we tried to introduce comfort while retaining the feeling of materiality, rigidity, and substance.


SWIFT-RS TOM bridge is not only our vision of the traditional bridge and tailpiece setup, but we also tried to implement some important features, such as bell-bronze saddles to enhance tonal transfer and quality, and increased saddle travel to ensure proper intonation down to Drop B. We developed our TOM assembly to eliminate the need to feed your coated string through a traditional tailpiece to save it for longer playability.

Supplement parts

We are talking about notched knobs made of duralumin with wooden pointers, pickup rings made of duralumin, bell-bronze adjustable nut, and duralumin backplate. We tried to sprinkle that fairy powder on top to make sure nothing is left without attention.


Wood:Mahogany body
Top:Flame maple
Wood:Hard maple and Walnut, 5-piece, titanium-reinforced, Valiant Guitars “Diamond” volute
Profile:C profile
1st fret:Depth: 21,5 mm/0.84″ Width: 43 mm/1.69″
12th fret:Depth: 23,5 mm/0.92″ Width: 52 mm/2.04″
22nd fret:Width: 57 mm/2.24″
Scale length:24.75″/628 mm
Radius:12” radius/304.8 mm
Frets:22 Nickel silver frets, extra-hard, Jumbo, width: 2.8 mm/0.110″, height: 1.65 mm/0.064″
Truss-rod:Easy-access, stainless steel truss-rod whee
Neck Pickup:Valiant Guitars Punch
Bridge pickup:Valiant Guitars Punch
Controls:2 volumes – CTS 500k, 2 tones – CTS 500k, 3-way toggle switch – Switchcraft
Jack:Pure Tone
Bridge: Valiant Guitars duralumin Swift-RS-TOM bridge, quick-release, with bell-bronze saddles
String spacing:10.5 mm/0.413″
Nut:Bell-bronze adjustable, 43mm/1.69″
Tuners:Gotoh 510 series, locking
“Trinity” maple inlays
Duralumin enhanced-grip knobs with wooden pointer
Full shielding
Duralumin cavity covers
Valiant Guitars hard-shell case included

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