Our luthier is a bassist; thus, it was a personal challenge for him to create an instrument that would amaze and satisfy even the most attentive scholars.

Big explosive

The structure of the Trinitrotoluene formula, displayed as a vivid analogy, serves as an intricate interplay of sonic elements within our bass.


Just like the precise balance of elements in the Trinitrotoluene compound, our bass embodies a methodically crafted equilibrium that produces its extraordinary tonal character.


body and Neck

The sonically enhanced body carries low-pressure chambers strategically placed to distribute sound. These chambers serve multiple purposes, including weight reduction, enhancing resonance, and properly balancing the instrument.
Our necks are not only made of sturdy multiple pieces, but we also reinforce each neck with titanium rods. The “Diamond” volute receives our undivided attention.


Every single detail was meticulously considered during the development of this instrument. Gorgeous materials, custom-wound pickups exclusive to the TNT-series pre-amp, a unique bridge, and a carefully thought-out control assembly. Gotoh tuners are the only components not handcrafted by our luthiers, yet they still meet all our internal standards.


Hardware always takes center stage in Valiant Guitars instruments. The Valiant Guitars SWIFT-RS-Bass bridge is crafted from duralumin, an alloy widely used in aircraft manufacturing. The bridge assembly, complemented by bell-bronze saddles, is a remarkable feature of this stunning instrument. At the top, you’ll find our bell-bronze nut with adjustable saddles.


The TNT series was designed with both live and studio applications in mind, which has been proven on numerous occasions. The Valiant Guitars B-system preamp operates on 18v power. Its beauty lies in its ability to boost the signal by 5db without altering the sound. The mini-toggle switch offers three positions – parallel/single-coil/series. The neck “humbucker” is a double-coil pickup with an unconventional wiring scheme.


Wood:European alder
Wood:5-piece hard rock maple and roasted maple, titanium-reinforced, Valiant Guitars “Diamond” volute
Profile:C profile
At nut:Depth: 21 mm/0.82″ Width: 38.77 mm/1.52″
12th fret:Depth: 23.5 mm/0.92″ Width: 58 mm/2.28″
AT LAST FRET:Width: 62 mm/2.44″
Scale length:34″/863.6 mm
Radius:16″ radius/406.4 mm
Frets:22 Nickel silver frets, extra-hard, Jumbo, width: 2.8 mm/0.110″, height: 1.65 mm/0.064″
Truss-rod:Easy-access, stainless steel truss-rod wheel
Neck Pickup:Valiant Guitars B-system double-coil
Bridge Pickup:Valiant Guitars B-system single-coil
Controls:B-system pre-amp 18v, parametric EQ, treble and bass, 1 volume, 1 balance, 3 mini-toggle – parallel/single-coil/series for neck pickup
Jack:Pure Tone
Bridge:Valiant Guitars duralumin Swift-RS-bass, quick-release, with bell-bronze saddles
Nut:Bell-bronze, 38.77 mm/1.52″
“Trinity” maple inlays
Duralumin enhanced-grip knobs with wooden pointer
Full shielding
Duralumin cavity covers
Valiant Guitars hard-shell case included
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