Our basses are unique combination of decade-long experience of building musical instruments, attentive listening of gigging musicians needs and their studio experience, with our developments, such as 18v pre-amp, bell-bronze adjustable nut and calculated combinations of woods.




Hand-wound proprietary pickups

Valiant Guitars proprietary B-system pickups and 18v pre-amp are complexed development of our engineers, which were developed based on marine technologies of electroacoustics.

Clear controls

We offer a simple solution to the everlasting problem of which knobs mean what by simply inlaying our duralumin knobs with wooden markers to ease orientation around your controls.

Custom hardware

Proprietary Valiant Guitars hardware made from duralumin and bell-bronze will ensure proper balance of an instrument, enhance your tonal characteristics with rich harmonics and guarantee proper intonation with tuning stability.

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