"Valiant Guitars" electric guitars are thought-through instruments with the best hardware the market can offer, attention to customization of familiar shapes and solutions to improve and enhance your overall playing and experience.

Dear friends, you trusted in us with your money and faith, we want to trust in return.

In order to get Valiant Guitars instrument, no matter custom or stock, you do not need to pay upfront/deposit. We only ask $10 to fix our relationship as buyer and seller. Payment must be processed only when you get the instrument.



Custom hardware

Valiant Guitars is making a lot of in-house parts, such as pickguards from acrylic and duralumin, duralumin knobs with wooden pointers

Neck options

Our state-of-art necks have 2 available configurations. Quarter-sawn with straight headstock angle. The second one is more sophisticated, which is 5 or 7-pieces, “Diamond” volute and angled headstock. In both cases, we are reinforcing them with titanium rods.

Truss-rod location

Unique truss-rod adjustment wheel is the distinctive feature of Valiant Guitars.

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