Smith is a technically advanced and complex evolution of traditional single-cut. At the initial examination, you will find a carved flame maple top with faux binding, ebony fingerboard with maple binding, maple "Trinity" inlays carefully glued in. Our headstock is a complex phenomenon by itself, which consists of multiple pieces of mahogany and maple with a maple laminate top to match the body.


Ultimate form

Familiar form-factor was enhanced with easier fret-access, 5-piece maple/walnut neck, and "Diamond" volute.

Re-imagined hardware

We maintained the traditional setup but developed our own SWIFT-RS TOM assembly, duralumin tune-o-matic style construction with bell bronze saddles, along with Valiant Guitars duralumin custom stop-tail.

Sophisticated hollow-body construction

Our hollow-body construction is unique in terms of materials use efficiency and sonic distribution calculation. For a pleasant surprise - it has no neck dive.

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