Soothsayer is an homage to the ground-breaking technology and the vision of Leo Fender. Engineered and improved body contours along with calculated distribution of sound waves and vibrations paired with versatile Bare Knuckles Pickups Impulse set allowed us to create a proper tribute to the 1954 classic.


Neck configurations

Soothsayer has 2 different types of neck settings. Straight, quarter-sawn or 5-piece maple/walnut with "Diamond" volute, in both cases, titanium-reinforced to ensure stability.

Vital components

Quality components are the major part of Valiant Guitars philosophy. Soothsayer is the model, where this principle is vividly displayed. Gotoh 510 series 2-point tremolo system, 510 series locking tuners, Bare Knuckle Pickups Impluse, custom wiring, custom knobs. You name it - we have it.

Canopy construction

Our "canopy" construction for output jack provides an efficient and extraordinary solutions for jack location and cable management.

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